Monday, February 14, 2011

X's & O's

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  This is our final post for the Valentine's hairstyles and it's a fun one.  Today is all about hugs and kisses so this is our "X's & O's" style. 
Start with a small section up front where you will create a Pull-Through that goes off to the right side.  Part the rest of the hair right down the middle and clip the left side out of the way for a minute.  Pull all of the hair on the right side of the part into a ponytail.  (Make sure to include your Pull-Through from the front.) 
 Grab a bun mold and pull it over the ponytail.  (Bun molds can be found at Sally Beauty Supply or can be made by cutting the toe out of a sock and rolling it over itself.)  Once your mold is in place you will spread the ponytail evenly around it and then slip another elastic over the hair and the mold to hold it in place. 
 Divide the excess hair from the bun into two sections and create a braid out of each.  Wrap the braids around the base of the bun and bobby pin them into place.  Now your "O" is finished. 
 Move over to the left side and part the hair evenly down the middle of the section and then again evenly across the section so that you now have 4 squares.  Leave the top-right square alone and clip the other 3 squares into their own temporary clip to keep them out of the way.  
   Begin a Dutch Braid in the top-right square and have it curve down into the inside corner.  Gather all the hair from that square and then plate the braid again 3 times without adding in new hair.  Unclip the bottom-left square and finish up your Dutch Braid.  Braid all the way to the end of the hair and secure it with an elastic. 
 Now move up to the top-left square and Dutch Braid that until all the hair has been gathered.  Plate it 3 more times OVER the previous braid.  Now unclip your last bottom-right square and finish up your Dutch Braid.    Braid all the way to the end of the hair and secure it with an elastic.
  Now fold both of the long braids up on top of themselves and secure with another elastic.  Let the ends of the hair just flip over naturally and add some ribbons to finish your "X" off. 
 Add a ribbon to the "O" as well and you're all done!

Here is our princess which you all know so well and she is 7 years old.
This is our oldest son who is 5 years old.
This is our middle son who is 3 years old.
This is our baby who is 14 months old. 

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