Friday, February 11, 2011

Half-Up Heart

This one is similar to the heart we did yesterday but it is constructed just a bit differently. 
Start by sectioning out the top part of the hair by creating a part from one ear to the other.  Now part that top section directly down the middle and pull each side up into it's own little piggie. 
 Grab your Topsy-Tail and create a Pull-Through out of each piggie and then separate each Pull-Through into two pieces. 
Take the piece closest to the middle of the head, from each Pull-Through, and combine them together by securing them with an elastic over the middle part. 
 Section out another bit of hair just below the original "ear-to-ear part" and divide that in half.  Take the right half of that section and add in the other half of the right Pull-Through.  Secure it with an elastic down by the right ear. 
 Repeat the same steps with the left side. 
Now gather the middle piggie and the two side piggies together and secure them with an elastic. Brush the remaining hair down straight and curl the ends.   You can leave it as is at this point or wrap it with some ribbon like we've done here. It makes the heart shape stand out just a bit more. 

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