Monday, February 7, 2011

Linked Hearts

This hairstyle is best accomplished when the hair is really wet.  You can also have your row of hearts as high or as low on the head as you like. 
Start by parting the top of the hair from ear to ear. 
 Part out a half-inch section of that hair from the very middle.  Grab two large claw clips and have them hold the remainder of the hair on each side.  Secure that half-inch section with an elastic.  Create 3 more sections to the left of the middle one and 3 more to the right - making sure to secure each of those sections with it's own elastic.  You should now have 7 small ponytails spanning from ear to ear on the head. 
 Grab your Topsy Tail and create an Inverted pull-Through out of each of the ponytails.  Starting with that center Pull-Through, divide it into two pieces and twist each piece.  Create a heart shape with the twist and combine them with some of the straight hair below, using an elastic.  This will secure your twists and give you the heart shape. 
Now move to the very next Pull-Through to the right.  Separate it into two pieces and twist each piece.  Feed the left piece through the middle heart and secure the twists with some of the straight hair below using an elastic.  Continue doing this with the following 2 Pull-Throughs on the right side - making sure to link the hearts. 
 Move to the Pull-Throughs on the left side and do the same thing.  You can finish off the look by hiding your bottom elastics with tiny claw clips or ribbons. 

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