Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rapunzel Braids

We actually did this hairstyle before Christmas but decided not to post it until we had seen "Tangled".  (Darling movie!) 
 These are our version of Rapunzel Braids.
We started with a small section of hair in the front where we created a Pull-Through and then we parted the rest of the hair straight down the middle. 
 Now pull each half of the hair up into a side piggie.  Grab two small sections from one of the piggies and create 3-Strand Braids out of both of them. 
Comb the rest of your piggie out so that it's nice and smooth and then wrap the two braids around the piggie. Make sure your braids are wrapping in opposite directions.  Secure it all together at the bottom with an elastic. 
 Repeat the same steps with your other piggie and you're finished! 

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