Monday, January 31, 2011

Double Corset Lacing

I love the look of this one but make sure you have a good 30+ minutes in the morning to spare.  :) 
Begin by parting the hair into 3 equal parallel sections.  Create a Dutch Braid out of each of the sections and make sure to braid all the way to the end of the hair.  Now grab some of your favorite ribbon and measure out how much you will need by mimicking the weaving pattern quickly.  It's always best to overestimate a bit.  Make sure you have enough ribbon to cut the same length for your second side as well. 
 Now grab a plastic yarn needle and thread it with the ribbon.  Find the very center of your ribbon and make sure it's placed right at the top of the head - in between two of your Dutch Braids. 
 Start with one half of the ribbon and stitch it into one of the plates on your Dutch Braid.  Pull it through so that it lies flat and then take it across and stitch it through a plate on the other Dutch Braid. 
Continue doing this all the way down to the neck and then go back up and grab the other half of your ribbon.  Make sure your stitches on the second half of the ribbon are even with those from the first half.  (Just on the opposite side.)  When you get down to the neckline you can tie the two ends of the ribbon together into a bow. 
Now repeat the steps for your second side of corset lacing.  When you are all finished, you can either combine the three braids into one elastic like we've done here or leave them each hanging free. 
This is a great one to use for Valentine's Day and use pink or red ribbons!


Randi said...

Ohhh I like it! This is one of those simple, but not quick hairstyles. Now if only I could master the Dutch braid. :)
I think this would be cute with a couple of different small ribbons weaved through also.

tommyekatt said...


misakay said...

I love this do!! What a simple idea that looks GREAT!! I might even attempt it as a before school do...

Julie said...

Those darn Dutch Braids are so tricky! I've been posting them a lot laetly because I'm trying to master them myself. :)

Anonymous said...
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