Friday, January 14, 2011

Lovely Lacing

I am the first to admit that Dutch Braids are my downfall but I've found a way to mask some of my mistakes.  Cover it up with ribbon!  :)
Begin this hairstyle by dividing the hair into two halves using your favorite part.  Now create a Dutch Braid on each half of the head.  (Dutch Braids are just like French Braids but you will plate the hair by going under with the outside strands instead of over.)
Now you can either use one long strand of ribbon for each braid or two different strands tied together at the top. We've done two strands tied together because we wanted two different colors. 
 Grab a plastic yarn needle and thread your ribbon through the eye. Pull the very center of your ribbon underneath the very top of your braid.  (This will conceal the area where the ribbon is tied.) 
Now start stitching on one side of your Dutch Braid by feeding the needle back under the hair, the length of one plate on your braid.  Pull the needle back up from under the hair directly in the middle of that previous ribbon stitch.  Make sure your needle come through on the outside of the ribbon and not inside by the braid.  Also be sure that your ribbon does not get all twisted as you stitch.  Feed it down into the hair again, another plate length.  Continue stitching down to the neck and then go up and finish the other side of your braid. 
 Tie your ribbons together in a bow when you reach the neck.  Follow the same steps for your second Dutch Braid.  I really liked how the ribbon covered up some of my messiness with the braids.  :)

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Annette W. said...

I loved visiting today from EMI!!

My daughter has long hair, too, but we don't do much with it.