Monday, August 27, 2012

Hooray for Hair!

We are back from vacation, the kids have started school, and we are ready for the routine again.  We have some fun new hairstyles to post and that will start again on Wednesday.  Thanks for hanging in there with us while we were away!  We would love to see some of your cute hairstyles for the first day of school so hop on over to our Facebook page and share them!  :)


Celine's Mum said...

Yeah for hair! Looking forward to it :-)
If you ever find the time, can you give some tips on how to best make curls "last"? My niece has absolutely straight hair but as a flower girl at my other sister's wedding, curls would be nice. I've just got no experience which products I should use and I don't have any curlformers, so yes, and help is appreciated

Julie said...

I have a post coming up next week that teaches you how to make a new type of curl and it holds really well. Hopefully it will be great for you too!