Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Diagonal Puffy Braids

The weather is starting to get a bit cooler and my princess loves to wear warm hats.  They're very cute but they can sure mess up a cute hairstyle quickly.  :)  Here is a hairstyle that stays put underneath those warm fleece hats.  It's your basic set of Puffy Braids with a bit of a twist on them.
Start by dividing the hair in half diagonally.  You can start on whichever side you like - we've started over on the left side and ended on the right.  Tie one half of your part out of the way temporarily to work with the other.
Gather a small section from the top of that half and secure it into an elastic. 
Now gather another section of hair just below that first and add in the ponytail you just made.  Tie that new group off with an elastic as well.  Just continue adding in section of hair to that ponytail and securing those sections with an elastic until you get to the bottom of the head.  That's how you create a Puffy Braid. 
Move to the other half of your original part and repeat the steps.  You should end up with two large ponytails on one lower side of the head. 
You can leave these ponytails as they are, finish them off with a bun, or a braid like we've done here. 
 I divided both ponytails into two equal halves so that I had four pieces to work with and I created a Quad Braid. 
 The video for the Quad can be found here.  We added a flower at the bottom to finish it off and she was all set to go to school - hat and all!


Brooke said...

Another cute one! That quad braid is so unique, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we've started wearing hats here too. Thanks for a fun hairstyle that won't get messed up.