Saturday, April 16, 2011

Loosey Goosey

I saw this hairstyle over at Princess Hairstyles and instantly fell in love with it.  It's basically a loose Dutch Braid. 
 Start by creating a part from the left half of the bang line that goes diagonally all the way down to the neck.  Clip the left half of that part off to the side to keep it out of the way because you will be working with the right side. 
I started by creating a small Pull-Through at the top of the head first but this is totally optional. 
Begin your Dutch Braid (Inverted Braid) and make sure that your plates aren't super tight as your work your way down the head.  You may also want to add in larger sections of hair than you normally would as you plate it.  When you've added all the hair in, plate the braid a few more times and secure it with a loose elastic. 
Now, starting at the bottom you will want to pull at the plates of the braid to loosen them up.  There is supposed to be a disheveled look to the braid so don't worry if it's not looking perfect. 
 Once you've pulled at the plates and get it looking the way you like, you can unclip the left side of your part.  Comb that hair over to the right side where your braid is and secure all of it together with an elastic.  Brush any braid underneath the elastic out so that you are left with a simple side-ponytail.  
 Add a hair clip to conceal the elastic.  We've also added some flowered hair pins into the plate of the Dutch Braid for a fancy look for church.   


  1. Where did you get the hair accessories?! They are too cute!

    1. This was my same question! I wish she had answered it🙁

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