Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Hairdos: Bone Yard

There are a bunch of twists in this hairstyle and those represent the bones in our bone yard - you may have to use your imagination with this one.  :)
Start by pulling a section of hair from the front into a small side ponytail.  Use your Topsy Tail and create a Pull-Through.  Keep your Topsy Tail handy because you'll use it a lot in this hairstyle.  Divide the rest of the hair in half and tie one side off while you work with the other. 
Create a part from the ear up to the middle part and tie it into an elastic - making sure to include the front section if it is on that half.  Create a Inverted Pull-Through by pulling your Topsy Tail up instead of down. 
Create another part parallel to the one just above it but about 2 inches down.  Divide the new section into two equal squares and tie each off with an elastic.  Now grab the hair from the Inverted Pull-Through and divide it into two pieces.  Twist each one and add them to the squares just below with more elastics.  
 Now twist those two ponytails down and add them in with the remaining hair at the bottom of the head by securing them with one elastic.  Repeat the exact same steps on the opposite side of the head and you should end up with two ponytails. 
Create a Corkscrew out of each ponytail and secure them at the bottom with elastics.
  You can add some festive Halloween bows and leave it finished at this point. 
 We wanted to get a bit more creative so we grabbed some little whistles the kids got in a goody bag. 
You can use the skulls or the pumpkins or whatever else you come across. 
We just tucked them into the first Inverted Pull-Throughs and they seemed to hold tightly. 
 They help create the look of the actual bone yard. 
Spooky yet darling!

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